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Snow Shoveling Scam

Happy New Year 2011

BEWARE: Snow shoveling scam

It’s snow season again and I want to warn you of this latest scam that’s raging through our beloved Haliburton Highlands. You should be on the lookout for this pair in case they appear in your area. They showed up on my doorstep offering to shovel snow from my driveway for $20. Not ten minutes into the job they were at my door whining about being cold and could they come inside a short time for a little warmth.

Well, four hours later, they ended up leaving without finishing the driveway. I'm just glad my wife wasn't at home to see me taken in by these two scam artists. I'd never hear the end of it.

Fortunately, I took their picture before they left. If these two appear on your doorstep, don't say you weren't warned!

It seems that this scam is much more widespread than originally reported. I've had a couple of responses already—one from the Toronto area, and another from Nevada. I'm thinking this could be an organized gang whose targets are those least able to cope and whose gray matter has been in rapid decline for several decades—namely, elderly, kind-hearted males. The 2 responders I've heard from were unable to capture their images on film. Mine is the lone photo thus far, so keep a keen eye open for this pair!

Following is the text of one of the posts:

You were just a tad slow in getting this warning out. They are at my place right now and having just found out it's a scam I immediately called the local Sheriff's office. They were aware of the scam but because these two started in another state it seems it's now a Federal matter and the Marshalls will have to respond.

I called the Marshalls in Seattle but they said as this pair wasn't high on their priority list, they wouldn't be able to respond right away. They suggested I keep them occupied and they would, hopefully, be able to come and get them later next month. I guess I'm stuck with them! I sure wish you'd held them at your place! 

Best regards, Barry (RK).
End of quote.

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Snow Shoveling Scam

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